The Shainin Techniques
By Rajan Shringarpure

September 21-23, 2017. Give miss call on : 8268-001-171

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A Three Day Residential Program on
"Design of Experiments" -
The Shainin Techniques

About the Program

Industry often face Issues of Product Quality. These could either result from design or from the manufacturing process or from the Service. Faulty Product Quality; service; results in repair & re-work, re-calls & replacements, along with erosion of profit. All this causes significant damage to credibility and reputation of the organisation. In the long run this will result in loss of competitive edge and loss of business in Global economy.

Design of Experiments (DOE) is one of the most successful structured approach in understanding the real life issues in identifying the critical factors and interactions that undermine quality through design, manufacturing or service. It is a methodology that can be effective for problem-solving, as well as for improving or optimizing product design and manufacturing processes.


• Design of Experiments (DOE) is a scientific method of planning and conducting an experiment. Its practice will yield the true cause-and-effect relationship between the 'X' variables and the 'Y' variables of interest. This allows the experimenter to study the effect of many input variables that may influence the product or process simultaneously, as well as possible interaction effects.

• Specific applications of DOE include identifying proper design dimensions and tolerances, achieving robust designs, generating predictive models that describe physical system behavior, and determining ideal manufacturing settings.

• DOE saves considerable time & efforts in trouble shooting, identifying quality inputs and in rectifying the total system. The Shainin Approach of DOE is a set of simpler techniques for problem solving in various situations. It is mathematically less intricate and relatively innovative approach. It also involves small sample sizes.

An understanding of DOE requires only basic knowledge of statistics and experimentation concepts. Although a DOE can be analyzed in many software programs, it is important for practitioners to understand basic DOE concepts for proper application. The goal of DOE is to find a design that will produce the information required at a minimum cost. This workshop utilizes hands-on activities to help you learn the DOE.

Course Objective

The three day interactive workshop will allow the participants:
• To understand how to apply techniques of “DOE (Shainin)” in a generic problem solving framework
• How these fit in a roadmap of variation reduction, robust product / process design, quality improvement and cost reduction
• Learn the role played by Process Certification, Operator Certification, Positrol, Poka – Yoke and PreControl in holding the gains after problem solving.

Who Should Attend:

The workshop would be relevant and useful for Practicing Supervisors, Executives, Officers, Engineers and Managers from Marketing, Sales. Manufacturing, Design, Planning, Production, Process Engineering, Maintenance, Logistics, Materials, Supply Chain, Service and Quality assurance.

Course Content

"Design of Experiments" (21-23rd September 2017)

Day 1 | Module 1

Introduction is Design of Experiments

Day 1 | Module 2


Day 1 | Module 3

Variation Reduction Roadmap

Day 2 | Module 4

Clue Generation Techniques

Day 2 | Module 5

Formal DOE techniques

Day 3 | Module 6

Transition to SPC

Day 3 | Module 7

Dart Chart,Six Sigma concept, Case Study - Application of all Techniques

Meet the Faculty

Rajan Shringarpure

A Mechanical Engineer, having 40 years of industrial experience in MNC in the manufacturing industry, having worked in various positions from Maintenance Engineer to Managing Director and Director Operations.

Trained by DOE Practitioner and DOE GURU Mr. Keki Bhote. Hands-on experience of achieving many breakthrough improvement using DOE Techniques and holding on gains through SPC & Control Charts.

Conducted various training programmes in India & abroad on DOE, SPC & Control Charts and many more for cost reduction, quality improvement, productivity improvement, change management, TQM, innovation etc.

Coached, Guided, Mentored many senior level executives, Directors and Senior Directors across Pan Asia.

Qualified "Talent Assessor"

Guided many projects and transfer of plants and many more quality improvement projects

Associated with many industrial bodies at zonal, state, regional and national level

Associated with many Engineering Collages and Management Institutions

Recipient of "Best CEO Award" at international level

Currently active in the domain of 'Industry 4.0' applicability for Indian Industries

S.L. Kirloskar Center for Executive Education

Dhamne Rd, Maharashtra 410506


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