Flagship Programs

Manufacturing Excellence Lab

MEL is a certified program for practicing Managers which brings in the best practices in excellence and enhance capabilities of a manufacturing company.Program has four modules and each participant undergoes both classroom as well as project learning.

Current business environment both in India as well as globally is impacted by economic environment, rapidly changing customer expectations and global competition. This offers all of us challenges as well as opportunities. In such turbulent times sustaining competitiveness is extremely important. MEL will help us meet needs to realize the opportunities created by the dynamic business environment.

MEL has evolved a model of Manufacturing Excellence (4x5). This is developed based on the best practices being followed across the globe. MEL Model of Excellence works on “4 Principles towards attaining 5 Goals”

Program is aimed at understanding the Principles of Model of Excellence. This will help in reinforcing the process orientation and the culture of excellence. Basic Program covers all the tools and techniques required to implement the four principles. This program also helps in developing future leaders in Manufacturing.

Program Structure & Methodology

Program has four modules for each principle. Training methodology is evolved to have both classroom as well as practical learning.

Each module will have following schedule:

  • Class Room Workshop – 2 Days
  • Plant Visit & Summary - 1 Day
  • Assignment at the workplace – 4 Weeks

The assignments will be selected jointly by the Participant and the immediate superior. These will be mentored by experts from MEL.

Target Participants

Program is designed for manufacturing supervisors and managers. Intensive commitment towards learning and implementing tools is expected from the participants. This also will help in identifying future leaders.Although program is aimed at manufacturing managers, service functions could also participate in the modules.

Benefits To The Participating Companies

This is an intensive and personally demanding program requiring significant commitment from the sponsoring company and the participant. However, the rewards are significant for both. This can be realized through in company assignments, improved on the job performance, immediate application of basic tools and continuing professional development. Participant companies can any time access the MEL at CEE for any support.

Certificate To The Participants

Each participant completing the modules of the program will be awarded Certificate from the SLKCEE – MEL.