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SmartEco | Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem


Globally, manufacturing is at the cross roads. First of all, the sophistication in automation of manufacturing processes has almost reached – what can be called as the “nano” scale – second, the customer demands on product innovation and efficiency continues to grow exponentially.

On one side, Indian industries face challenge of global competitiveness & on the other side, they need to be dependable. It’s not that the industry does not or does not want to adopt automation. If the business case and the business goals are well defined, most would adapt and adopt such a transformation.

At S. L. Kirloskar Center For Executive Education (SLKCEE), we debated on how we support Indian industry to become competitive and dependable. This, in turn, will “Make in India” dream a reality. For the industry, the objective is simple – it should accelerate the growth in the top line by an order of magnitude, and also ensure that this growth is predictable and sustainable.

First Step

SmartEco enables companies of all sizes to gain easy, affordable access to concepts and analytical technologies that can be tailored to meet cross-industry business objectives. Manufacturers will have access to manufacturing experts, solution providers, software vendors and entrepreneurs and will have huge opportunity to innovate further.

As a first step towards creating this industry-wide business ecosystem platform, we are launching a four-month business transformation initiative. This will help your organization to quickly adopt the Smart Manufacturing Model (SMM) in your enterprise, develop the strategy and road-map for the transformation, execute the strategy with a few selected initiatives, and measure the business outcomes. This will be a highly engaged and intense program.

Program Initialization and Entry Criteria

  • Senior Management of every enrolled enterprise/company will ensure that the relevant members from their organizations are sent for this program
  • There will be a Smart Manufacturing Champion [SMC] clearly identified who will be accountable for the successful transformation within their enterprise
  • Clear Success Criteria will be identified and specified up front
  • There will be a mentor (from the Members of the SLK-IOT Excellence Lab) associated with each team who will be responsible for ensuring that the team succeeds


A team of global experts and speakers will be conducting the Industry 4.0 and Business transformation sessions. The SL Kirloskar IoT Center Excellence Advisory Committee will be closely monitoring the program. The program chair and transformation group will be in-charge of the successful conduct and completion of the program.