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Aastha Summer Program | 2017 Featured

"Great Discovery is not always of finding new worlds outside but seeing with new eyes.”

In today's fast-paced world the focus almost always is on the 'outer' and how we 'should be'. We extend an invitation to deliberate on the 'inner' and who I 'really am'.

Aastha invites you to take a pause:

  • To get in touch with and rekindle inner potential.
  • To experience a vibrant learning space.
  • To engage with yourself in the journey of self-discovery.
  • To connect with co-participants from diverse walks of life with varied experiences.

Aastha follows a unique methodology called Process Work, which is based on an exploration of one's experiences and life spaces, to better understand behavioural and identity patterns. Process work beckons participating members to ask difficult questions of themselves, face one's fears and re-experience events.

There will be an experienced set of facilitators who will anchor the programmes and keep the focus on self-exploration, building new perspectives while working with what is emerging in the group.

Event Details:

  • Date: - -
  • Venue:SLKCEE Campus